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Long Time Ago - G9

Growing Up

细雨 drizzle
飘着 floating
戴着 wear
斗笠 straw hat
塑胶 plastic
靴子 boots
猪寮 pig pen
在侧 beside
池塘 pond
漂满 drifted with
浮萍 duckweed
喂猪 feed the pig
偶然 by chance
情景 scene
刻印 imprint
至今 till now
清晰 clearly
记忆 remember
隐约 vaguely
熟悉 familiar
家畜 domesticated animal
淡水鱼 freshwater fish
捞浮萍 scoop up duckweed
往日 past years
与世无争 without worldly attachment
划木筏 rafting
摘水果 pick fruits
无邪 innocent
向往 aspire / long for
固然 although
清苦 simple and hard
充实 full of meaning, substantial
有生气 lively
遥远 faraway
抹去 erase
一段 a part
Created by: leeclh
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