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marine biology test

2-5-15 test

Why can't corals grow in all tropic areas? cold water
What is the function of encrusting coralline algae? They grow over and around reefs covering them in a protective lair. Protects the reef from the crashing waves
Know the different reproduction process, asexual and sexual It can be the traditional way with males and females or one can have both eggs and sperm
Know the direction corals develop (branching, boulder, foliacious) branching - up; boulder - sideways; foliacious - horizontally and vertically
What is the function of mucus for a coral polyp? it moves food particles towards a coral's mouth opening and moving trapped sediments off a coral's body
Know which region with fringing reefs are the most seaward and where most of the coral goes reef flat - closet to the shore; reef crest - most things live here such as coral; reef slope - downward into the deep water (most seaward)
How are spur and groove formations formed? By strong wave actions
What is most likely to form around an extinct volcano? an atoll
Which side of an atoll receives the most wind and wave action? windward side
Why is a coral reed self-sustaining? It efficiently recycles its nutrients and produces its own fixed nitrogen
What are two major primary producers in a coral environment? zooanthelae and seaweed
Why don't coral reefs get overgrown from seaweed? Because the herbivore fish has to overeat to keep itself alive
Name one way a coral can attack a neighboring coral to obtain space? take over its sunlight
How does mutualism allow a lot of different coral species to live in an area together Makes coral reef more efficient habitat because it provides living spaces EX: clownfish and sea anemone
Created by: a.allsup