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environmental scienc

plant agriculture quiz 2-5-15

mixture of minerals and partially decomposed organic matter soil
the physically breaking down of rock by wind and water Mechanical erosion
changes the molecular structure Chemical erosion
tiny crater caused by the impact of a single drop of water splash erosion
transportation of loose soil particles along a flow of runoff water sheet erosion
occurs when the flowing water coalesces into small channels rill erosion
caused by rapidly flowing water creating deep channels in the ground (most severe) gully erosion
grown in spaced rows row crop
rows of (for example trees) reducing erosion by wind windbreaks
result of a diet that does not meet an individuals basic calorie requirement undernutrition
decrease in ability of blood to transport oxygen (lack of iron) anemia
lack of proper nutrition, caused by not having enough to eat, not eating enough of the right things malnutrition
application of water to soil irrigation
how much water actually makes it to plants efficiency
huge population undernourished famine
synthetically made from mixed minerals inorganic fertilizer
derived from plant and animal matter organic fertilizer
chemicals that kill or control populations of these undesirable organisms pesticides
forming higher and higher concentrations in organisms over a long period of exposure bioaccumulate
any organism that destroys crops and interferes with crop structure biological pests
produced without any synthetic pesticides or fertilizer organic food
method of growing plants without the use of soil hydroponics
implant of DNA into crops from other species that are resistant GMO (Genetically Modified Organism)
vitamins and minerals micronutrients
Know 3 things you took away from the Dust Bowl video
Created by: a.allsup