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this word means to draw back pain. wincing
means to make a face that shows you are in pain. grimacing
strong movements of air or water that is caused by wind. turbulence
sudden movements lurched
not to be clear because lack of info. vague
to fall at a high speed uncontrollably. hurtling
to go away or shorten abated
to be over doing it. dramatic
thick and hard to brake coarse
to wail in grief for a dead person keening
to eat grass on a field graze
a small remaining quantity of something remnant
a hump or ridge in an ice field hummock
given or readily disposed to evil vicious
easily seen,recognized, or understood obvious
dark,gloomy,and cheerless murky
a direction or route taken to be taken course
to disturb or agitate surprisingly startle
to make or cause to seem smaller or less diminish
to reduce to dust or powder pulverize
to reflect a sparkling or a faint intermittent glow glisten
to become more distant recede
an obstructing mass gorge
some thing that is apparent apparently
to fix into a surrounding mass embedded
to seem to be hit a glancing blow
an act or instance of provocation exasperation
obsolete. to reward; remunerate gratify
an intervening period of time interval
lying asleep or as if asleep dormant
to shake violently convulse
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