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First Phrasals 01

Phrasal Verbs connected to 'time' and 'change'

bring up sb; bring sb up raise (a child) Mrs Evans brought up five children.
call off sth; call sth off cancel They called off the trip when Granny died.
carry on (doing sth) continue Are you going to carry on making that noise?
come back (from somewhere) return When did you come back from your holidays?
fall behind (with sth) fail to produce sth at the right time He’s falling behind with the payments
get back (to a place) return somewhere What time do you have to get back to college?
get down (to sth) finally start doing sth Isn’t it time you got down to marking those exam papers?
get on (in life) advance, make progress He’s new here but he’ll get on fine, I’m sure.
give up (doing) sth; give sth up stop doing sth Why did you give up football?
go ahead (with sth) begin to do sth planned or promised He decided to go ahead with his plans in spite of her objections
go through (sth) experience (a difficult time) After all they’ve gone through, they can still smile!
grow np develop from a child to an adult I grew up on a farm.
hold on wait Hold on a minute -I won’t be long.
hold up sb/sth; hold sb/sth up delay sb/sth The building work has been held up by very bad weather
keep sb up prevent sb from going to bed I won’t keep you up long
put sth off; put off sth postpone If it rains, they’ll have to put off the match
set off start a journey We set off at half past seven
stay up go to bed later than usual We stayed up to watch the film on TV.
take up sth; take sth up become interested in a new activity and spend time doing it She’s taken up tennis
bring back sth; bring sth back reintroduce They’re going to bring back the old system.
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