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mrs millis std

what is the most common STD? gonorrhea
what is the bacteria that causes gonorrhea? neisseria gonorrhoeae
where is gonorrhea most commonly found in the body? oropharyngeal area, eye, joints, rectum, male and female genitalia
what kind of infection occurs most often in newborns and what can it cause? eye infections; blindness
if left untreated, where can systemic infections occur? heart, meninges, eyes, pharynx, and joints
what bacteria causes syphillis? treponema pallidum
what is the average incubation time of syphillis? 3 weeks
what are the 3 stages of syphillis? primary, secondary, tertiary
what develops at the primary stage of syphillis? small, hard based sores
what stage may be painless and the patient may be unaware of syphillis? primary stage
what highly infection occurs in the first stage of syphillis? fluid in the sore
where does bacteria enter in the primary stage of syphillis? the bloodstream and lymphatic system
what is produced in the secondary stage of syphillis? skin rashes, patchy hair loss, malaise, mild fever
what happens after a few weeks in the secondary stage of syphillis? symptoms subside and become latent
what happens after 2-4 years of latency of syphillis? the disease is no longer infectious
when does the tertiary stage usually occur? after an interval of 10 years
who does congenital syphillis affect? the fetus
what kind of damage occurs in congenital syphillis in the tertiary stage? neurologic damage
what is produced during the secondary stage of congenital syphillis? stillborn child
what causes herpes? herpes simplex virus
what appears after one week of incubation of herpes? lesions
infection vesicles appear and heal within how much time? 2 weeks
what happens to the herpes virus after it becomes latent? it is reactivated
what bacteria causes candidiasis? candida albicans
what is candidiasis? yeast-like fungal infection that can cause infection in genital area of men and women
what can candidiasis cause? itching and a thick, yellow cheesy discharge
what areas can candidiasis affect? genitals and mouth
what causes a thick, yellow cheesy discharge? candidiasis
what causes vaginitis? trichomonas vaginilis
is vaginitis found in both sexes? yes
which bacteria puts off a fish odor? vaginitis
if George has symptoms like frothy discharge with fishy odor and a vaginal pH of 5 to 6, what does he have? vaginitis
If Chris has bacteria attached to the mucosal cells in the rectum and genitals, what does he have? gonorrhea
If Cason itches and has a thick, yellow cheesy discharge from the genitals and the mouth, what does he have? candidiasis
During George's pregnancy, the disease he has can cross the placenta into the fetus, what disease is this? congenital syphillis
what stage of syphillis may Cason be at if he doesn't feel any pain and is unaware of it? primary stage
what stage of syphillis may George be at if he has skin rashes, patchy hair loss, malaise and a mild fever? secondary stage
what stage of syphillis may Chris be at if lesions appear as a rubbery mass in many organs and sometimes in the skin? tertiary stage
what STD may Chris have if lesions appear after 1 week of incubation? genital herpes
what STD may Cason have if incubation averages 3 weeks? syphillis
what age group is gonorrhea most common found in? 15-24
can syphillis be spread through contact with contaminated surfaces? no
how is syphillis treated? penicillin shot
what happens if syphillis is left untreated? dementia, blindness, death
can vaginitis be found in women going through menopause? yes
what are you doing? chilling..killing
what are the most common types of vaginitis? bacterial, trichonomiasis yeast infection, vaginal atrophy
symptoms of vaginitis? change in color, odor or amount of discharge from vagina
how many types of herpes are there? 2
what is the common age group of herpes patients? 14-49
can herpes be apread to baby's through birth? yes
Created by: william silva