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Phylums and Classes

Class Hydrozoa hydras
Class Scyphozoa jellyfish
Class Anthozoa sea anemones and corals
Class Turbellaria free-living flatworms, such as planaria
Class Trematoda flukes
Class Cestoda Tapeworms
Class Nematoda round worms
Class Gastropoda snails
Class Pelecypoda bivalves, such as clams
Class Cephalopoda squid, octopus, nautilus, ammonites
Class Arachnida spiders, ticks, mites, and scorpions
Class Crustacea lobsters, crabs, crawdads, shrimp
Order Odonata dragonflies, damselflies
Oder Orthoptera grashoppers, crickets, mantids, cockroaches
Order Isoptera termites
Oder Coleoptera beetles, weevils
Order Hymenoptera wasps, bees, ants, sawflies
Order Diptera true flies, mosquitoes
Order Lepidoptera Moths and Butterflies
Class Crinoidea crinoids and sea lilies
Class Asteroidea sea stars
Class echinoidea sea urchins, sand dollars, heart urchins
class holothuroidea sea cucumbers
class ophiuroidea brittle stars
class osteichthyes bony fish
class chondrichthes cartilaginous fish
order anura frogs and toads
order urodela salamanders
order chelonia turtle
order rhynchocephalia tuatara
order squamata snakes and lizards
order crocodylia crocodiles and alligators
class aves birds
order marsupialia kangaroo, possum, koala bear
order monotermata monotremes duckpill platypus, echidna
order insectovora insectivoes, such as moles and shrews
order dermoptera flying lemurs
order chiroptera bats
order primates lemurs, monkeys, apes, humans
order edentata sloths, anteaters, armadillos
order lagomorpha rabbits, hares, and pikas
order rodentia rodents such as mice
order cetacea whales, dolphins, porpoises
order carnivora wolves, tigers, lions
Order Tubulidentata aardvark
order proboscidea elephants
order sirenia manatees
order perissodactyla odd-toed ungulates [tapirs, rhinoceros]
order artiocactyla even-toed ungulates [bison, giraffe, camels, and hippopotamus]
Created by: maleqr