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Wheelock. ch 27.

vocab words from chapter 27 and irregular comparitives and superlatives.

original wordmeaning/related words
delectatio delectationis, f, delight/pleasure/enjoyment
sol solis, m, sun
dissimilis dissimile, unlike/different
humilis humile, lowly/humble
maiores maiorum, m, pl., ancestors
quot how many/as many as
superus supera, superum, above/upper
utilis utile, useful/advantageous
probo probare, probavi, probatum, approve/recomment/test
nepos nepotis, m, grandson/descendant
diligens diligentis, diligent/careful
gracilis gracile, slender/thin
maior maius, greater/older
primus prima, primum, first/foremost/chief/principal
similis simile, (+Gen. or Dat.), similar/like/resembling
superi superorum (m. pl), the gods
pono ponere, posui, positum, to put/place/set
inferus -a -um below
malus -a -um bad
prope near
externus -a -um foreign/out
superus -a -um above/high
prae, pro before
bonus -a -um good
magnus -a -um great
multus -a -um much
parvus -a -um small
inferior -ius more below
peior -ius worse
propior -ius nearer
exterior -ius outer
superior -ius higher
prior -ius prior
melior -ius better
maior -ius greater
- - -, plus more
minor minus smaller
infimus -a -um most below
pessimus -a -um worst
proximus -a -um nearest
extremus -a -um outermost
supremus -a -um highest
primus -a -um first
optimus -a -um best
maximus -a -um greatest
plurimus -a -um most
minimus -a -um smallest
positive (regular) normal form of adjective in masculine, feminine, and neuter
comparitive (regular) add -ior to the stem of the Genitive Singular for Masculine or Feminine and add -ius for Neuter.
superlative (regular) add -issimus for masculine, -issima for feminine, and -issimum for neuter.
Created by: hersheybabe130