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What decade did Disco music originate in? 1970's
The 1977 film, Saturday Night Fever, starred John Travolta, and featured the music of which famous band, famous for disco? The BeeGees
What time signature is Disco music in? 4/4
In what sort of venues was disco music played in? Nightclubs, called discotheques
In which city in the USA was disco popular in? New York
Give a famous female performer of disco music Donna Summer/ Gloria Gaynor
Describe how people danced to disco music Steps were largely improvised, solo performers did steps, although there were some choreographed routines like the 'Hustle'. Dancers usually stayed in one place and focused on isolated hip, hand and shoulder movements
What is the drum rhythm in disco called? Four to the floor
Does the tempo of a disco song change throughout the whole song? Not normally
What is a hook? A catchy motif, repeated to hook the listener in
Why might brass instruments be used in a disco tune? To add 'stabs' adding texture and drama to a piece of music
What is the structure of a Disco song? Verse-Chorus, but it may include a middle 8; or an intro/outro
Strings may play countermelodies in a disco song, what does this mean? They play a melody which is different to, but fits in with the tune
Name common instruments in Disco music Electric guitar, bass guitar, piano, drum kit, strings, horns
Backing singers and harmonies create what sort of texture in a Disco song? Polyphonic, or rich-textured
Created by: bethysav