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Cicero 1-3

Cicero Quiz 1

audacia boldness
caedes slaughter
coniuratio conspiracy
furor madness, fury
iam pridem long ago
ignoro be ignorant of, not know
immo vero rather
orbis terrae the world
patientia patience
praesidium guard
praetereo go by, omit
studeo be eager (for)
timor fear
vigilia loss of sleep
vultus face
audeo dare (semideponent)
clemens mild, gentle
condemno condemn
confestim immediately
cresco grow
crudelis cruel
decerno decide, decree
improbus wicked
includo shut up, confine
maiores older men, ancestors, forefathers
moenia walls
molior strive
nequitia worthlessness, neglect
patior suffer
perditus lost, desperate
amplus great, ample
atrox cruel, inhuman
coetus meeting
confido trust
domus home
etenim for truly
infitior deny
lux light
nefarius impious
nocturnus of/by night
obliviscor forget
paries wall
plane plainly
sentio feel, think, realize
undique everywhere
cum (esti) ... tamen although .. nevertheless
cum (tum) ... tum not only ... but also
non modo (solum) ... sed (verum) not only ... but also
sive ... sive if ... or if
tam ... quam so ... as
tot ... quot so many ... as
fateor confess
oportet it is fitting
denique finally
tenebrae darkness
Created by: audreyiscool