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hom kby2


The car needs a toe/tow. tow
Climb to the mountain peak/peek. peak
The skunk has a cent/scent/sent. scent
It has nothing on it. It's plain/plane. plain
I want to make clothes, so I learned to sew/so. sew
I have too/to/two walk home. to
Run threw/through the yard. through
Grow a beet/beat in the garden. beet
The maid/made cleaned the hotel. maid
He is sick and week/weak. weak
Rap/wrap the present. wrap
See the stars at knight/night. night
Don't fall in the hole/whole. hole
Slice a big piece/peace. piece
How much does it way/weigh? weigh
It's my favorite day of the weak/week. week
Walk they're/their/there. there
It went right/write through. right
Pick up the piece of would/wood. wood
Tell a tale/tail. tale
It costs a scent/cent/sent. cent
We saw a dear/deer. deer
I made/maid it myself. made
Wash the window pain/pane. pane
The queen will rain/rein/reign. reign
Cut the fur/fir tree. fir
I feel a sense of peace/piece. peace
Take a peek/peak. peek
Sail on the sea/see. sea
Eat the hole/whole thing. whole
A word that sounds just like another word is a synonym/antonym/homophone. homophone
Created by: jbrust