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CCP Studyguide

24.05 to end.

An Attachment is: a writ issued by a clerk, magistrate, or grand jury foreperson to pick a witness and bring witness to court to testify (when a subpoena witness doesn’t show)
Bail is the security given by an accused promising that he will appear at trial
Fixing Amount of Bail should: Consider future safety of victim and community
If defendant violates conditions od bond for certain offenses (PO/Sex Crimes) he can be denied release True
Emergency PO good for ______days or less 91
If a death occurs in a county that does not have a medical examiner or it is not a part of the medical examiner’s district, a JP may have to conduct an inquest. True
An example of a death requiring an inquest is when a death happens with being attended by a physician. False
Custodial Death (death while in custody) requires the notification of: Attorney General
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