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CCP Study guide

CCP Ch. 1&2

The object of this code? Prevent crime Exclude escape Trial without delay Gather all evidence (for the prosecutor and against the defendant) Insure a fair and impartial trial Certain execution of sentence
Basic rights in CCP? Due process of the law 1.05- defendant’s rights (rights of the accused) 1.051- Right to an attorney (this right may be waived) 1.06- right to refuse unreasonable search and seizure. 1.07- right to bail (not for capital cases, or parol vioalations)
The right to Habeas Corpus means what? (have the body) The right to know why one is being held.
The right against cruel and unusual punishment also includes? Manor of punishment
The right against double jeopardy means? can only be tried once for the same charge
Acquittal in a trial means?? if it does not fit…you must aquit
Both state and defendant have a right to? a jury
You have a right to waive jury EXCEPT: in a death penalty case
You always have a right to waive all _____. rights
You have a right to ______ except in life or_______death cases. jury, death.
Religious beliefs are covered in what amendment? 1st.
Outlawry and transportation means??? ant move an outlaw to another place
Privilege of legislators means what?? cant be arrested while in session unless its for treason, felony, breach or breach of peace
You have right to a public trial for?? transparency
You have a right to confront the?? witness
Do we have common law in texas? No
A magistrate in texas is? Judges, Mayors, and recorders
Magistrates duties DO NOT include....(which one is truest?) preserve peace, issue process (paper work) to suppress crime and cause the arrest of peace officers when necessary.
Peace officers in TX does not include? Agents of the ATF
Who are peace officers in texas? Apprehension specified commissioned by TX as officers
Armed Security Guards are considered peace officers in TX. Hell no!
Railroad Cops have jurisdiction to right traffic tickets. FALSE
Railroad cops are appointed by...... Department of Public Safety
Special investigators in Texas have arrest authority in ALL ______ cases. Felony
Adjunct police officers- private/ college police exist only in_______ counties under 200,000
Chief/sheriff have jurisdiction over the private college, the can appoint______ police officers. adjunct
Adjunct Police Officers do NOT have full police authority. False!
Customs and Border Patrol can arrest you for DUI/PI. False! They can only detain you.
What 'Special Investigator' has arrest, search and seize authority in texas? "which is truest?" secret service can
Jurisdiction for Adjunct Cops is the campus area and 2 miles outside. False!
What two reasons would adjoining out-of-state cops have full TX peace officer authority??? The officer has physical custody of on inmate or defendant and is transporting to a hospital in an ajoining county that boarders state lines. (dinner rule) (Texarkana) Officer in a high pursuit
The dinner rule applies to what city in Texas? Texarkana
Special Peace Officers of Texas South Western Association have full TX Peace Officer Authority? What for? False! they are called rangers. Cattle Rustlin
Indian tribe peace officers can operate in 2 circumstances. 1. They are on the reservation. 2. If they are near your jurisdiction, and you ask them for help. True!
School Marshalls were added to the CCP in 2009. False!
Which is 'truest' about school marshalls? MUST be approved by the school district, limited of previous school SBI/Death
You must hold a _____ to be a school marshall. CHL
If you are found in contempt of court you may be fined: 10-200 dollars.
Neglecting to execute process usually means....... If an officer shall willingly refuse to execute any subpoena, summons, or an attachment for witness or any other legal process that he has a duty to execute.
the #1 duty of the police officer is to preserve the_______ Peace
Tx peace officers are NOT required possession of a missing child. False
The_________is in charge of LE in the county. Sheriff
The________ is the conservator of the peace. Sheriff
Deputies have the same authority as the Sheriff. True
Peace officers in Texas have a duty to investigate________. Nursing home complaints;Immediate risk of physical/sexual abuse of a child
Peace officers in Texas have a duty to investigate certain reports alleging________;_________;_________;__________. Abuse Neglect Exploitation Notify a person if their ID was used by an arrested person (misused identity) person knowingly used someone else’s identity when being arrested.
Who must you notify to remove a charge from an innocent ID theft victim's record? Department of Public Safety
A report is not required if when someone commits ID theft. False
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