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Scientists- Part 5

You know all those scientists you can never keep track of? Here they are.

Georges Cuvier began the discipline of comparative anatomy
Dr. Richard Dawkins Made the "blind watchmaker" argument.
William Payley Published "Natural Theology".
William Harvey Studied circulation of blood through the body.
Andreas Beaslius Father of Anatomy"; He pubished "De Humani Corporis Fabrica" (The Structure of the Human Body, usually called Fabrica)
Harvey did an experiment that revived ___________ ____________. biological investigation
Swiss Konrad Genser His works are collected in "Opera Botanica," and five-volume series named "Historiae Animalium"(History of animals).
Leonhard Fuchs Accurately illustrated and described about 500 medicinal plants in his book "The Natural History of Plants".
John Wilkins Led in the formation of the Philosophical College
Hugenots French Protestants
Francesco Redi Performed experiments that defeated the old supersition of spontaneous generation
Louis Pastuer Frenchmen who conducted experiments that marked the end of spontaneous generation as a scientific possibility
Charles Darwin Published his book, "On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection" or the "Preservation of Favoured races in the Struggle for Life".
Charles Lyell Wrote "Principles of Geology".
Ernst Haeckel Popularized recapitulation which he called the "biogenetic law".
Karl Ernst von Baer Embryologist who disproved recapitulation several decades before either Darwin or Haeckel popularized their theories.
Created by: nelsonclan