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Biology 10.4 SR

Biology-Circulation and Respiration Chapter 10 Section 4 SR -FINISHED

What is the basic purpose of the respiratory system? The respiratory system functions to supply the body with oxygen and to rid it of excess carbon dioxide.
Briefly describe the processes of inhalation. When inhaling the intercostal muscles contract & lift the muscle up & outward. At the same time the diaphram contracts & moves downward. This results in a large chest cavity & a reduced pressure in & around the lungs and air rushes in to =ize the pressure
Briefly describe the process of exhalation. When exhaling, the the chest and ribs relax.The thoracic cavity is then reduced in size, and the pressure surrounding the surface of the lungs and in the individual air sac increased and air rushes in to equalize the pressure
What structure of the brain regulates the rate of breathing? medulla oblongata
What is asthma? allergic conditions characterized by spasms of the bronchial tube muscles which cause the tubes to suddenly constrict making breathing hard
Using what you know about inhalation and exhalation explain hwy a puncture wound to the chest cavity that allows air to pass through can cause a lung to collapse. it is because the lungs can only hold to much air
When exhaling how do the chest and rib muscles relax? Ribs fall back into place & the diaphragm bulges upward back into the chest cavity.
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