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Biology 10.1 SR

Biology-Circulation and Respiration Chapter 10 Section 1 SR -FINISHED

Name the primary components of the cardiovascular system. Heart
What are the functions of albumin in the blood. helps regulate the amount of water in the blood
What are the functions of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. it is the job of carrying oxygen
Where in the body are new red blood cells produced? in the bone marrow
Name the four main blood types in the ABO system. 1.) A __________________________________________ 2.) B __________________________________________ 3.) AB __________________________________________ 4.) O
What are the functions of globulin in the blood. a broad category of blood proteins that help transport fats throughout the blood and helps fight infections
What are the functions of fibrinogen in the blood. helps in clotting the blood
What are the functions of white blood cell. they produce the bone marrow and lymph nodes
What are the functions of platelets. tiny disk-shaped cells fragments produced in the bone marrow that serve as roving patch kits.
Why is proper blood typing important for safe blood transfusions? The foreign red blood cells will be immediately attacked by defense proteins called antibodies in your bloodstream causing the transfused cells to be clumped together and destroyed. (often with fatal consequences)
Under what circumstances is it safe for a person tor receive blood of a different type than his own? under emergency circumstances, and only if they are similar blood types
What are some characters that make the blood "the life of the flesh" because a person will die within minutes if breathing or blood circulation ceases
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