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TExES Competency 035

Life Science

All cells have an internal substance called __________, a clear gelatinous fluid enclosed within a membrane. Cytoplasm
Cells are composed primarily of water and the elements ________, ___________, __________,________ Oxygen, Hydrogen, Carbon, Nitrogen
Growth in most organisms is caused by nuclear cell division.Through this new cells are made,in humans the 46 chromosomes in the cell divide through a series of steps resulting in 2 new cells that each has the original 46 chromosomes. Mitosis
Making exact copies of the DNA in each of the two “daughter” cells, and is often called binary fission. This type of reproduction is also called __________ because only one organism involved & there is no exchange of genetic material or DNA. Asexual Reproduction
The cell divides twice in a process called________. This is how sperm and egg cells are formed through a series of steps. Meiosis
In this type of reproductive the flower is the reproductive organ the ovules are the egg cells, and the pollen contains the sperm. This form of reproduction is ________, because it requires the combination of DNA between 2 organisms of the same species. Sexual Reproduction
__________ occurs outside the body, the female lays the eggs (ovum) and the males spray them with sperm to fertilize them. Cross-fertilization
___________ of plants takes place by cutting portions of the plant and replanting them Asexual Reproduction
____________ involves seeds produced by female and male plants, which are then cross-pollinated with help from insects or other animals. Sexual Reproduction
__________ is the hereditary material of living organisms Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA)
What are the four nitrogen bases that are paired in the double-helix structure of DNA Adenine, Thymine, Guanine, Cytosine
Adenine pairs with what? Thymine
Guanine pairs with what? Cytosine
The gene for eye color and other traits that are the paired chromosomes in the same location are called? Alleles
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