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18 week science

Igneous rocks that have large crystals most likely cooled slowly below ground. Ex. Granite
What is a conglomerate Clastic sedimentary rock, Which means it formed from smaller (rounded) rock pieces cemented together. Ex. pudding stone
Name sedimentary rocks that are well sorted Sandstone & Schale
A popular chain of active volcanoes and earthquakes is often called what? Ring of Fire
The ring of fire if located around what? The Pacific Ocean
The sudden return of a deformed rock to its unreformed shape is called what? Elastic Rebound
Igneous Rock forms when magma or lava cools. Ex. Granite, Basalt, Obsidian and pumice.
the __________ is made up of the crust and rigid upper mantle. Lithosphere
A seismographs does what? records seismic waves
This type of lava is thicker than the precious one and cools with a rough texture. What is it aa
A tsunami can be caused by an earthquake whose epicenter is where? The ocean floor
What are the tectonic plates made out of? Lithosphere
Name 3 pieces of evidence that support the Wegener's Hypothesis of continental drift 1. Mesosaurus fossils South America and Africa 2. Plant fossils in Antarctica that could not be there today 3. Mountain ranges that match in different continents
Would you find a subduction zone at which type of plate boundary convergent
The country of Iceland sits atop a _______ boundary Divergent
___________ rock form when other types of rocks are subjected to intense heat and pressure. Ex. marble & slate Metamorphic
______ metamorphism is a change in the texture, structure or chemical composition of a rock due to change in temperature and pressure over a large area. Regional
This sedimentary rock often contains fossils, and forms from the remains of marine (sea) organisms. Limestone
Metamorphic rock that is ____ has been exposed to tremendous pressure at tectonic plate boundaries, which causes its minerals to form layers of bands. Foliated
True or False: Sediment is thicker closer to the center of mid-ocean ridge. False
The ____ is location on a fault where the first motion of an earthquake begins. Focus
Earthquakes with a ____ focus usually cause the most damage. Shallow
The measure of strength of an earthquake is called Magnitude
The strength of an earthquake is measured by Richter scale
The measure of how much damage an earthquake causes is called Intensity
The measure of hoe much damage is made by an earthquake is measured by Modified Mercalli
Bits of rock and ash that are ejected from a volcano during an explosive eruption are called Pyroclastic material
The resistance to flow of a fluid; the thickness of stickiness of magma/lava Fiscosity
The Hawaiian islands formed from a hot spot in the ocean floor, unlike Japan which is considered an Island arc
This type of lava flows easily and cools with ropy apperance. It is called____ Pahoe hoe
Created by: shelberrzz
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