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BIOL 241 - Histology


Tissue class characterized by cells that are tightly packed together, stabilize by tight junctions epithelial tissue
Tissue class characterized by cells that are not tightly packed together; cells secrete a matrix: connective tissue
Tissue class characterized by cells that are capable of contraction muscle tissue
Tissue class with cells that line other tissues and have an apical surface: epithelial tissue
Tissue class with cells have a basement membrane: epithelial tissue
Basal lamina is secreted by epithelial cells
The basement membrane is avascular true
Reticular lamina is secreted by connective tissue
One cell thick; all cells attached to the basement membrane: simple
Flat squamous
Simple squamous epithelium thin, delicate tissue, allows easy passage of materials, found in the alveoli of the lungs
Endothelium and mesothelium are both simple squamous epithelium
Tend to be secretory, making up glands, as well as absorptive: simple cuboidal epithelium
Fallopian tubes, uterus, and the central canal of the spinal cord all have this tissue that functions to move fluid along ciliated simple columnar epithelium
Thyroid follicle cells, kidney tubules and pancreatic ducts are all made of this tissue simple cuboidal epithelium
Lines trachea and nasal cavity; nuclei at different levels so it looks stratified: pseudo stratified ciliated columnar epithelium
All cells are in direct contact with the basement membrane: pseudo stratified columnar epithelium, simple cuboidal epithelium
Goblet cells secret mucus
Lines the lower esophagus through the guy to the anus: simple columnar epithelium
Upper layers of this tissue are dead and slough off; thus, it is protective: stratified squamous epithelium
Lining of the urinary bladder; cells can stretch from cuboidal to nearly squamous: Transitional epithelium
Epidermis Stratified squamous epithelium, keratinized
Lining of the tongue, oral cavity, or- and laryngopharynx, vagina, anus: stratified squamous epithelium, non-keratinized
Integument stratified squamous epithelium, keratinized; areolar connective tissue, dense irregular connective tissue
Have ducts; derived from epithelial tissue: exocrine glands
Have blast cells that secrete and are separated by a matrix connective tissue
Matrix of irregular fibers of collagen, elastin and reticular fibers, all secreted by fibroblasts found in the upper layer of the dermis, around blood vessels and around organs areolar connective tissue
Provides cushioning and support subcutaneously; makes up most of the breast tissue; also found around the heart and kidneys; stores triglycerides in vacuoles: adipose tissue
Matrix secreted secreted by reticulocytes; matrix a spider web-like tangle of protein fibers; found in lymph nodes and nodules: reticular connective tissue
Provides elastic support and connections for tissues: areolar connective tissue
Fibroblasts secrete matrix that's tightly packed, wavy and has a uniform structure; makes up tendons, ligaments and aponeuroses dense, regular connective tissue
Function: Reticulations trap particles, allow phagocytosis by macrophages in spleen, lymph nodes and nodules: reticular connective tissue
Fibroblasts secrete a dense, chunky matrix of collagen; found in the lower later of the dermis, organ membrane capsules, puristic and perichondria: dense, irregular connective tissue
Fibroblasts secrete elastic fibers that provide elastic support in the elastic support in the respiratory system, artery walls, ligaments of the vertebrae and the suspensory ligaments of the penis: elastic connective tissue
Connective type characterized by osteocytes in the lacunae: osseus
Ground substance is chondroitin sulfate: avascular, no nerve endings and covered by perichondrium: cartilage
Has striations; multi-nucleated, contractile: skeletal muscle
A liquid connective tissue: blood connective tissue
Connective type of characterized by chondrocytes in the lacunae: cartilage
Cartilage found in nose, larynx, rings of trachea, and bronchi, ends of long bones and ribs; makes up the skeleton of fetuses hyaline cartilage
Cartilage found in invertible discs, the pubic symphysis and knee menisci; functions as a shock absorber: fibrocartilage
Cartilage found in the auricle of the ear and in the epiglottis: elastic cartilage
Matrix ground substance is hydroxyapetite: osseus tissue
Functions of this connective tissue includes hematopoiesis and calcium storage: osseus tissue
The cell types of this connective tissue includes erythrocytes, leucocytes, and thrombocytes: blood
Feed, protect and support neurons: neuroglia
Contractile; striated, multinucleate, not branched: skeletal muscle
Contractile, not striated; slow to tire smooth muscle
Contractile; striated; does not tire cardiac muscle
Contractile; voluntary; quick to tire: skeletal muscle
Contractile; lines blood vessels, ducts and the guy smooth muscle
Contractile; striated; uninucleate: cardiac muscle
Epidermis and dermis of the skin: cutaneous membrane
Lines the gut, respiratory tracts and reproductive tracts: mucous membrane
Lines the body cavity and covers the organs: serous membrane
Does not have an epithelium component; made of areolar connective tissue one: synovial membrane
Cushions and nourishes joints: synovial membrane
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