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Energy From Respiration

Where does aerobic respiration take place? The mitochondria which is the site of cellular respiration
What is the word equation for aerobic respiration? Glucose + Oxygen = Carbon Dioxide + Water (+Energy)
Name 4 things that the energy released in respiration may be used for To build larger molecules from smaller ones, To enable muscle contraction in animals, To maintain a constant body temperature in colder surroundings (in mammals and birds), To build sugars, nitrates and other nutrients into amino acids then proteins.
Name two ways that you can tell that aerobic respiration is occuring Use limewater to test for Carbon Dioxide, Check for a rise in temperature (using a thermos flask)
When you exercise your muscles need more energy so they can contract, so what two things must happen? The rate at which oxygen and glucose reach the muscle cells for aerobic respiration must increase, More waste CO2 is produced therefore it must be removed more quickly
When do your muscles start to respire anaerobically? When they cannot get enough oxygen for aerobic respiration
Why is lactic acid produced in anaerobic respiration? Because the glucose is not completely broken down
What does lactic acid cause? Muscle fatigue
How is lactic acid removed By blood flowing through the muscles
What is the 'oxygen debt'? When you finish exercising the left over lactic acid must be completely broken down. You still need to take in a lot of oxygen to do this. The extra oxygen needed is known as the oxygen debt
What happens to the lactic acid eventually? The oxygen oxidises the it into CO2 and water (the products of aerobic respiration.)
Created by: bhbryden