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What has a notochord, nerve cord and slits in their throat at some point in their life? Chordates
What type of animal has a body temperature that depends on its surroundings? Ectotherm
What type of animal is able to maintain its body temperature? Endotherm
How are the three groups of fish distinguished? Skeletons
What do the gills and lungs supply to an animal? Oxygen
What does the word amphibian mean? Double-Life
How many lungs do most snakes have? One
How many heart chambers does an adult amphibian have? Three
What animal is not able to pump water over its gills? Sharks
What are the small bones that form the backbone? Vertebrae
What makes up the skeletons of lampreys and hagfishes? Cartilage
What helps fish stabilize its body at different depths in the water? Swim Bladder
What type of reptile has a body that is covered by a protective shell? Turtles
Do fish fertilize eggs internally or externally? Externally
What do most amphibians lose once them become adults? Gills
What is the flexible rod that supports a chordate's back? Notochord
How many heart chambers does a fish have? Two
What type of fish has no jaw or scales? Jawless
What type of fish have jaws, scales and skeletons made of cartilage? Cartilaginous
What type of fish has jaws, scales, pockets that hold gills, and a skeleton made of hard bones? Bony
What is the larva of a frog or toad? Tadpole
What type of animal starts its life in the water and ends up living on land as an adult? Amphibian
What are the skin, kidneys and eggs of reptiles designed to do? Conserve Water
What part of a reptiles body filters waste from the blood in the form of urine? Kidney
What type of egg has a shell and internal membranes that keep the embryo moist? Amniotic Egg
What two types of reptiles have skin covered with overlapping scales? Lizards and Snakes
What type of reptiles are carnivorous and care for their young? Alligators and Crocodiles
When do alligators and crocodiles hunt? Night
What type of scientists study fossils? Palentologists
Created by: kpmueller