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IV Review

IV Therapy Review For Final

Patient Controlled Analgesia (PCA) Administration technique that allows the patient to control IV delivery of an analgesic.
Over Needle Catheter (ONC) Venipuncture device that includes a plastic outer catheter and an inner needle
Sclerotic Fibrous thickening of the wall of the vein resulting in decreased lumen size. On palpation, feels hard.
Infection Complication of IV therapy that results from introduction of bacteria at the insertion site
Hypotonic IV solution with an osmolarity lower than that of serum
Tourniquet Device that traps blood in the veins by applying enough pressure to impede venous flow.
Lumen The interior space of a tubular structure, such as a blood vessel or cannula.
Phlebitis Local complication caused by irritation of the vein: results in tenderness, redness, swelling, and hardness along vein
Air Embolism Systemic complication of IV therapy caused by sudden obstruction of an artery by air bubbles,
IV Pump Device that applies pressure to the infusion to maintain the pre-set flow rate.
IV Controller Device that regulates gravity flow by counting drops of infused solution with a photoelectronic eye
Winged IV Device with flexible wings used for short-term therapy for a cooperative adult
Isotonic IV solution with an osmolarity about equal to that of serum
Hypertonic IV solution with an osmolarity higher than that of serum
Parenteral Denoting any route other than GI, such as intravenous
Infiltration Local complication of IV therapy caused by escape of IV solution into surrounding tissues
Drip Rate Number of drops of IV solution administered per minute
Peripheral Pertains to veins of the extremities, scalp, and external juglar
Drop Factor Number of drops of IV solution per milliliter of fluid
Intermittent Infusion Device Device that maintains venous access in patients who must receive IV medications, but don't need a continuous IV
Venipuncture Puncture of a vein for any purpose
Extravasation Local complication of IV therapy caused by leakage of irritating solution that may result in tissue sloughing
Erythema Redness of the skin
Stylet A rigid metal object within a catheter designed to facilitate insertion of an IV
Electrolyte Chemical compound that dissociates in solution into charged particles ions
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