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Pop Ballad

Define the term 'strophic' Each verse sounds the same
Define 'through-composed' New music is composed for each verse
Key changes are common in pop ballads, what is the technical name for this? Modulation
What vocal range does Whitney Houston exhibit in the ballad 'I Will Always Love You'? Mezzo or Soprano
What effect do a choir or backing vocals towards the end of a piece create? They heighten the drama and add emphasis
What are the names for the most common types of female voice? (clue: lower and higher) Alto and soprano
What time signature are pop ballads normally in? 4/4
In a ballad, the melody is usually sung by a solo singer, but occasionally it can be sung as a duet. If this is the case, do the 2 singers sing the same melody? No, most often the singers will sing in close harmony or alternate between the tune
What tempo marking would be appropriate for a ballad Anything from moderato to lento, including adagio
Which 'instrument' in a ballad has the melody? The voice
What is more important- the melody or accompaniment? The melody
What describes the texture of a ballad? Homophonic
What word is 'pop' a shortened version of? Popular
Give some typical instruments that may play the backing/accompaniment in a ballad Piano, guitar, strings, drum kit
Who sang ballads in their original form in the 1400s, and with what accompaniment? Wandering minstrels, called troubadours, who would play with simple accompaniment like a lute
Modern ballads usually fall into which modern subcategories of music? Pop or rock
What sort of structure does a ballad usually have? Verse/chorus
Apart from the verse and chorus, what other structural features may sometimes be present in a ballad Middle 8; intro/outro; pre-chorus
Generally, what sort of stories do ballads tell? Sad, emotional stories about love
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