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Nursing 132

module 15 post test 3 verifying tube placement

Conformation of correct tube placement done by x-ray when? upon insertion
true or false It's appropriate to delegate placement of tube to nap false
The risk of _________ is increased when the tip of the NI tube accidentally dislocates upward into the stomach? aspiration
Identify signs and symptoms of inadvertent respiratory compromise during feeding: Coughing Choking Reduced oxygen saturation
Identify conditions that increase risk for spontaneous tube dislocation: Altered level of consciousness, agitation Retching, vomiting, coughing Nasotracheal suction
A patient has been receiving ranitidine hydrochloride (Zantac), an H2 receptor antagonist, for treatment of a duodenal ulcer. affects pH testing? a. does not affect pH testing. b. decrease the gastric pH reading. c. increase the gastric pH reading C.
To assess gastric pH, the nurse will need the following 60-mL catheter-tip syringe Medicine cup Clean gloves pH indicator strip (scale of 0.0 to 11.0)
You are planning to verify NG feeding tube placement by pH testing. Which result would indicate that the feeding tube is in the expected location? PH of 1-5
A health care provider's order is necessary to verify tube placement by pH testing. false. order for insertion is necessary but not placement verification
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