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Population Types

Special Considerations

Popluation TypeSpecial considerations
Youth (Prepubescent) Buid a trusting, respectful relationship. Cartilage growth damage may occur but rare. Strength gains occur but no Hypertrophy. Begin with body weight, then progress to weight training.
Older Adults Men > 40 and women > 45 should obtain medical clearance. Longer warm up/ cool down. Heart rate closely monitored. Lighter weight for 10 - 15 reps. Hand weights and tubing are great for building bone mass. Find way to do things without gripping.
Pre and Post Natal Longer warm ups and cool downs. Educate on separation of abdominal wall, connective tissue laxity (less support around joints), avoid deep flexion or extension. Requires extra 300 k/cal/day. Core temp. < 39 c. No supine positions after 1st trimester.
Special Adults Educated yourself on needs, capacities & limitations of participant. See ability (not disability), never compromise safety, let individual set pace, encourage success & independance.
Created by: LisaSceviour