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Criteria The requirements of the area
Resources Things you own that you exploit
Smart GPA of 4.0/4.0
Long-Term Non-immediate Goals
Psychic Income the nonmonetary or nonmaterial satisfactions that accompany an occupation or economic activity.
Worst-Case Scenario The worst thing that can happen
Values your goals in life
Immediate Goal a goal for that can be achieved right here and now
Short-Term goals that are achieve not in a short period of time
Talent Area your area that your great in
Momentum The built up internal/external force of anything
Tangible Perceptible by touch
Inertia the force that keeps our planet from flying into the sun
Ways and means how and why you do something
Matrix an environment or material in which something develops; a surrounding medium or structure
Prime The first main thing in a sequence
Procrastination When you sit around and do absolutely nothing
Portability characteristic attributed to a computer program if it can be used in an operating systems other than the one in which it was created without requiring major rework
Prioritization The act of being prioritized
Professional The formal way of acting, appearing,
Personal Private matters
Important when something is of high value to be done
Qualifier The requirement to qualify
Urgent CODE RED level of alert is highly important
Time Management The management of time
Accountability Taking account for your actions
Coherence the quality of being logical and consistent.
Physical Close contact with another body
Hygiene Personal health
Behavior Way someone Acts
Punishment Retribution for a crime
Fixed Interval Interval that can't be changed
Need Requirement to survive or continue
Confirmation When someone agrees with the order
Reinforcement Someone helping you out in time of need
Verbal Yelling at someone for something
Variable A part of a experiment
External Something that happens around you
Operate Conditioning The conditioning for a operation
Process The way you do something in sequence
Learned Something you were already taught
Motivation The will to move foward
Equity Networth
Extinction The death of all of that species
Positive opposite of a negitive
Inequity A very bad networth
Stoke Deficit A very bad deficit
Hierarchy The structure of goverment
Content What is inside the container
Internal Thing that happen mentally or psycologically
Avoidance The method of avoiding bums
self-responsibility Responsibility to your self
Fear Term for when you are scared of something or someone
Self-fulfilling prophecy A prophecy that fulfills itself
conceit Excessive pride in oneself
Resilient Something that will last longer than others
Surface Analysis Analyzing the surface of something
Doubt Discouragement in your mind
Self-concept Concept of yourself
Action Taking something and doing it
Self-Determination Determined to do things by yourself
Desire Technology you want really badly
Anxiety Fear in the back of your head
Pigmalion Greater expectation is given than the usual amount
Reference Where you got or get your information
Peer A fellow worker
Affective Something that works rather well
Symbiotic Two or more things living together and benefiting each other
Condescend showing a sign of superiority
Psychosomatic Mental pain caused by stress
Role Model Someone you look up to for inspiration
Behavioral The way you behave
Tunnel Vision Loss of all vision except central vision
Aptitude you have greater skills in certain areas
Attitude Your feelings
Cognitive The thinking power of your brain
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