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Minerals and Rocks


What are minerals made of? rocks
What are natural, nonliving solid crystals that make up rocks? minerals
Each mineral has the same ______ _______ no matter where on earth it is located chemical makeup
The minerals found in the Earth's crust are often called, what kind of minerals rock-forming minerals
How are minerals classified ? color, luster,streak, hardness and form/shape
How does the mineral's surface reflect the light ? luster
What is tested by how easily a mineral can be scratched? hardness
A mineral with a greater number on the Mohs scale can scratched all minerals with a what kind of number? lower
What is the color of the powder that a mineral leaves when it is scratched on a special plate? streak
what is the process of nature moving sediments from on place on Earth to another ? Erosion
what are 3 examples of sediments ? mudstone,sand silt, dirt, clay
what kind of rock form when sediments are cemented together and hardened ? sedimentary rocks
what are 2 types of sedimentary rocks? limestone, sandstone
What is a gradual wearing away or changing of rock and soil caused by water, ice, temperature change, wind, chemicals or living things ? weathering
what are ingredients that you find in soil? weathered rock, dead and decaying animals and plant remains
what are some other ingredients that are found in soil? bacteria, fungi, worms and insects
what helps scientists estimate the age of plants and animals that lived long ago ? fossils
what is molten rock called ? Magma
Created by: ShamsidinS