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Microorganisms Test

How do Virus's get energy? They don't need or use energy
Do Virus reproduce? If so, how? Virus can reproduce only inside a living host cell. In the lytic cycle, it is inactive. In the lysogenic cycle, it is active.
How do Virus move around? (Locomotion) They don't move on their own
What is a Virus's cell structure? -Protein Coat- lets them enter a host cell. -Have DNA or RNA -Do not have a cell
Is a Virus living or non-living? Non-living
How does Bacteria get energy? Some are heterotrophs and some are autotrophs. Some consume to get energy while some make their own food through photosynthesis.
How does Bacteria reproduce? They reproduce asexually through a process called binary fission. A single-celled organism divides into two cells of the same size.
How does Bacteria move around? (Locomotion) They move around with the help of flagella, hair-like parts on the bacteria.
What is a Bacteria's cell structure? -DNA -Prokaryotes -Cell walls
What are the two kingdoms in Bacteria? Archaebacteria and Eubacteria
Does Bacteria have a nucleus? Bacteria does not have a nucleus
How do Protists get energy? Some Protists are heterotrophs and some are autotrophs. The heterotrophs are consumers, decomposers, and parasites. The autotrophs use the Sun's energy to make food.
How do Protists reproduce? Most Protists reproduce asexually using the process called binary fission. Some Protists, like Paramecium, reproduce sexually. This requires two parents and is often referred to as conjugation.
How do Protists move around? (Locomotion) They use flagella, cilia, and pseudopodia. Euglena uses flagella, Paramecium uses cilia, and Amoebas use pseudopodia.
What is a Protist's cell structure? -Nucleus- nucleus has DNA inside of it -Is Eukaryotic -Chloroplasts-plant-like
Are some Protists parasites? Yes, they cause harm to their hosts to eat
Are protists like animals, plants, and fungi? Yes, they are animal-like, plant-like, and fungi-like
How does Fungi get energy? They get their energy from consuming. They are heterotrophs and decomposers, and they live on their food source.
How does Fungi reproduce? Fungi can reproduce either sexually or asexually. Asexually: Hyphae break apart. (Spore seeds are used) Sexually: Sex cells join to form a new fungus through spores.
How does Fungi move around? (Locomotion) They don't move on their own. They move around from wind and water.
What is a Fungi's cell structure? -Nucleus with DNA-Eukaryotic -Cell walls -No chloroplast or chlorophyll
What is a Fungi's cell wall made out of? Chitin
What is a kind of Fungi that can also be used as a medicine? Penicillin
How do plants get their energy? They get their energy from performing photosynthesis, which is getting energy from the Sun to make food for themselves.
How do plants reproduce? Plants reproduce sexually
How do plants move around? (Locomotion) Plants don't move around
What is a plant's cell structure? -Nucleus -Vacuole -Chloroplast -Cytoplasm -Cell Membrane
Is a plant living or non-living? Living
How do animals get energy? Animals get their energy from consuming plants or others animals. They are heterotrophs. Animals can't make their own food.
How do animals reproduce? All animals produce sexually. It takes two parents to produce offspring.
How do animals move around? Animals can move around from place to place with their feet
What is an animal's cell structure? -Nucleus -Vacuole -Cytoplasm -Cell Membrane
Is an animal living or non-living? Living
How do producer protists like Euglena and Volvox get food? Both produce their own food through photosynthesis
How do consumer protists like Paramecium and Amoeba get food? Both get food by consuming other things. They are heterotrophs which means they can't produce their own food.
How is a virus similar to a living organism? A virus has DNA and can reproduce. They also both have protein coats.
How is a virus different from a living organism? A virus doesn't have a cell, doesn't grow and develop, use energy, or sense and respond to stimuli. They also can't reproduce by themselves and need a host.
What gives instructions to a virus? DNA or RNA
Which microorganisms are prokaryotic? Archaebacteria and Eubacteria
Which microorganisms are eukaryotic? Protists and Fungi
Where can Eubacteria live? Everywhere except extreme environments
How are bacteria important to the planet? Help recycle dead animals and plants. Play an important role in the nitrogen cycle (nitrogen fixation). They also perform bioremediation. They change harmful chemicals into harmless chemicals. They are also in our food.
What is bacteria reproduction called? Binary fission
What kingdom contains organisms that are plant-like and animal-like? Protista (Protists)
What kind of diseases (bacterial or viral) do antibiotics treat? Bacterial
What kind of disease is the common cold? Virus
What is the name of immediate viral reproduction? Lytic cycle
What is the name of delayed viral reproduction? Lysogenic cycle
What is a difference between archaebacteria and eubacteria? Archaebacteria can survive extreme environments and eubacteria can't.
How do fungi reproduce? Asexually or sexually. Asexually: Hyphae break apart and form a new fungus. Sexually: Sex cells from two fungi join together to form a new fungus and use spore seeds.
How do fungi get food? They are heterotrophs so they consume to get energy
What kingdom is Penicillin in? What is Penicillin used for? Penicillin is in Kingdom Fungi. It is used to treat diseases.
What are the three structures protists use to move? Flagella, cilia, pseudopodia
What kingdom do mold, mildew, and yeast belong to? Fungi
Which kingdoms contain organisms with cell walls? Fungi and Plants
Which kingdom only contains unicellular organisms? Bacteria
What are the three shapes of bacteria? Cocci, Bacilli, Spirilla
What are the four virus shapes? Crystal, Cylinder, Sphere, Spacecraft
What is yeast used for? Used in food
What is a characteristic shared by protists, plants, and fungi? They are all eukaryotic
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