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Mandarin Express L4


一点儿 yīdiǎn(r ) a little
水果 shuǐguǒ fruit
现在 xiànzài now
橘子 júzi tangerine
一串葡萄 yí chuàn pútáo a bunch of grapes
苹果 píngguǒ apple
一颗草莓 yì kē cǎoméi a strawberry
西瓜 xīguā watermelon
dōu all, both
不错 búcuò not bad
怎么样 zěnme yàng How about...?; How's everything?
suān sour
tián sweet
新鲜 xīnxiān fresh
香蕉 xiāngjiāo banana
芒果 mángguǒ mango
hot, spicy
xián salty
xiāng smells good
nóng strong, thick
dàn light, weak
超级市场 chāojí shìchǎng supermarket
便利商店 biànlì shāngdiàn convenien store
有的 yǒu de some; some of
那(么) nà (me) well; in that case
怎么卖? zěnme mài? How much do you sell it for?
公斤 gōngjīn kilogram
gěi give
一些 yìxiē some, a few
這些 zhèxiē these
那些 nàxiē those
bǎi hundred
qiān thousand
wàn ten thousand
亿 hundred million
líng zero
找钱 zhǎoqián give change after a purchase
不客气/ 不谢 búkèqì/ búxiè you are welcome
xiǎng want to; wish to; to think; to miss
Created by: wandahu
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