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Light and Sound 2016

Light and Sound

The distance between one crest of a sound wave and the next is the wavelength
The waves of loud sounds have a greater _____________________than those of soft sounds. amplitude
Objects _________________when they shake back and forth quickly. vibrate
The loudness/softness of a sound is its__________________. volume.
The __________________of a wave measures how many waves pass in a given amount of time. frequency
The __________________ of a sound describes how high or low it is. pitch
Sound is a form of _____________________________that travels in waves energy
Sound will travel fastest through what medium? solid
Sound cannot travel through this. empty space
The function of the _____________ ______________ is to collect and funnel sound. outer ear
You can “feel” sound because of ____________. vibrations
There are three bones in the middle ear. They are known as the hammer, anvil and stirrup
On a diagram of a sound wave, the top of the wave is the crest
On a diagram of a sound wave, the bottom of the wave is the trough
On a diagram of a sound wave, the measure from the resting point to the crest is known as the amplitude
A unit of measurement for sound is decible
What sould you change to lower the pitch of a sound wave? frequency
Material that allows light to pass through is ____________. transparent
When light waves bounce off an object, they __________. reflect
A material that blocks light is ____________. opaque.
When an object blocks light, it creates a ________________. shadow
An object that lets some light through but scatters it in many directions is _____________. translucent
To bend light is to _________ it. refract
Something that seperates white light into colors is a________. prism
A ________ is a piece of curved glass, plastic or other material that refracts light. lens
A ______________lens bends light rays outward. concave
A ______________ lens bends light rays inward toward a focal point. convex
When light passes through a prism, colored bands exit the prism in _________________. one order only-ROYGBIV.
ROYGBIV is the acronym for ___________________. The bands of color from a prism: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet.
If you shine a red light on a blue shoe, it will look ___________. black
If you shine a red light on a red shoe, the shoe's color will look _________________. red
What do water droplets in a rainbow act like? prisms
Why does a bike's shadow have the shape of the bike? The bike blocks the sunlight.
Why does the volume of a sound decrease as it move farther away from its source The energy in the wave becomes more spread out.
What happens if you shine a flashlight on a mirror in a dark room? The mirror reflects the light back to you.
What is the job of the inner ear? It receives vibrations that trigger nerve cells to signal the brain.
I need eyeglasses to make things that are close up look clear. What types of lenses should be in my glasses? convex
You can see yourself in a smooth mirror. You don’t see yourself in a crumpled piece of aluminum foil because the light is scattered
Piano strings of different thicknesses and lengths produce different___________________? pitches
A microscope makes objects look larger than they actually are. What kind of lens does it contain? concave
Created by: Andersonclass
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