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Scientific Method

Development and steps in the scientific method

What are the main steps of the Scientific Method? Observation > Hypothesis > Experiment > Result > Interpretation > Conclusion
What is the definition of the scientific method? The scientific method is an ordered and logical approach to a problem involving a series of steps.
Observation Noticing an event and asking why
Hypothesis A suggested explanation for the event
Prediction Forecast the outcome of an experiment based on the hypothesis
Result Recording what happened during the experiment
Conclusion What has been learnt from the experiment. Has the hypothesis been confirmed or not
Communication Writing a report and publishing it for other scientists to replicate
How do we make scientific experiments fair? 1: Large Sample Size. 2: Random Selection. 3: Double Blind Testing
What term do we associate with double blind testing? "The Placebo Effect": This occurs when a persons mind has powerful effects on the body's health regardless of the drugs given.
What is the difference between qualitative and quantitative data? Qualitative data is data without measurement. Quantitative data is data with measurements.
What is the difference between Independent Variable and Dependent Variable? An independent variable is a variable we can change. The dependent variable changes in response to the independent variable.
Constant A factor that does not change during the experiment
Control A control is used to provide a standard against which the experiment can be judge.
Limitations of the scientific method? 1:We are limited by the extent of our ability to interpret results correctly. 2: Results can be made accidentally.
Who developed a vaccine against small pox? What minor infection did he use to create his vaccine? Edward Jenner. Cow Pox
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