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science test

chapter 4 test

what is Mitosis the process in which the necleus divides into 2 indentical nuclei and it includes interphase metaphase ananphase and telophase
what is a chromosome a structure in a cells nucles that contains heredity material
what is asexual reproduction a type of reporduction that a new organism is made by just one parent organism types or asexual reproduction are budding fission and regeneration
what are the stages of the cell cycle interphase, prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase
true or false the speed of the cell cycle is different for every type of cell true
true or false chromatin is a long thing strand that looks like spaghetti true
what is a chromosome DNA that is coiled up into shortened sections and appears thicker
what is a chromatid one strand of the duplicated chromosome
what and where is the centromere the centormere is the "button" that holds the chromosome together and it is usually located in the middle of the two chormatids
what are the centrioles an organe that produces spindle fibers which pulls the chromatids apart
what happens in interphase the cell grows and developes, the cell does its job and the DNA copies itself
what happens in prophase the nuclear membrane and nucleolus disappear, centrioles move to oppsite sides of the cell, spindle fibers start to grow and chromatids pair up
what happens in metaphase chromatids line up in middle of cell, spindle fibers attach to cemtromeres
what happens in anaphases spindle fibers start to shorten
what happens in telophase spindle fibers disappear, nuclear membrane and nucleolus reappear, cell membrane pinches in, chromosomes unravel
what is fission the reproduction or bacteria
what is budding an identical organism grows off the parent {ex hydra}
what is regeneration an indentical organism grows from a piece of the parent
what is DNA deoxyribonucleic acid, the gnetic material of all organisms made up of 2 twisted strands of super, phosphate, molecules and nitrogen bases
what is a gene section of DNA on a chromosome that contains instuctions for making specific proteins
what is RNA ribonuleic acid, a type or nuleic acid that carries codes for making proteins from the nucleus to the ribosomes
what is a mutation any permanent change in a gene or chromosome can be benefical harmful or have little effect on the organism
true or false DNA is a blueprint for all living things true
True or false DNA is a very small molecule false
what does mRNA stand for messanger RNA
what are the similarities of DNA and RNA phosphates, adenine, guanine, cytosine
what are the differences in DNA and RNA DNA has 2 strands RNA has 1 and DNA has thymine but RNA has uracil
how does DNA replicate a gene untwists a little, unzips a little, nucleolicles fill in
Created by: bpKinlan