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special stains

Nerve Stains

Stains for Glial Fibers Holzer Method (preferred) Mallory Phosphotungstic Acid Hematoxylin Stain
stains for neurofibrillary tangles and senile plaques Thioflavin S Bielschowsky-Pas
Stains for Myelin Sheath Weil Method Luxol Fast Blue Luxol Fast Blue-Cresyl Echt Violet Luxol Fast Blue- Holmes Silver Nitrate Luxol Fast Blue-PAS-Hematoxylin
Stains for Nerve Fibers Bodian and Holmes
Stains for Nissl Substances Cresyl Echt Violet I Cresyl Echt Violet II (acidic) Thionin
Thioflavin S stains for neurofibrillary tangles and senile plaques fluorescent dye helps detect amyloid
Thioflavin S Alzheimer neurofibrillary tangles, senile plaques, neutrophil threads, senile plaque amyloid, cerebrovascular amyloid.... BRIGHT GREEN diffuse plaques and extracellular tangles....PALER YELLOW GREEN PSP tangles and pick bodies...NOT WELL DEMONSTRATED
Thioflavin S .25 potassium permanganate potassium metabisulfate sodium hydroxide-> peroxide->removes lipid autofluorescence acetic acid-> water->50% alcohol .0125% thioflavin S (agitate)
Bielschowsky-PAS Stain for nerve fibers, neurofibrillary tangles, and senile plaques stain for diagnosing alzheimers
Bielschowsky-PAS neurofibrillary tangles, peripheral neuritis of neuritic plaques....DARK BLACK axons......BLACK amyloid (plaque cores and vascular)..... Magenta Lipofuscin..... Magenta
Bielschowsky-PAS silver nitrate in dark ammoniacal silver ammonia water add to ammoniacal silver developer ( formaldehyde, nitric acid, citric acid) and place slides in solution ammonia water ->gold chloride-> ammonia water -> sodium thiosulfate periodic acid schiff
Cresyl Echt Violet Method II stain for Nissl sbstances has acidic pH restricts the staining to DNA and RNA containing structures
Cresyl Echt Violet Method II cresyl echt violet for 8 minutes dehydrate and mount
Cresyl Echt Violet Method I Stain for Nissl substances identification of neurons in tissue used to show loss of nissl substances (chromatolysis)
Cresyl Echt Violet Method I cresyl echt violet absolute alcohol xylene--> balsam xylene differentiate in absolute alcohol check microscopically repeat until background is clear and nissl substances are well demonstrated
Nissl Substances trigoid substance/ chromidal substance basophilic material in cytoplasm of neuron large aggregates of rough endoplasmic reticulum stained sharply with basophilic dyes
Cajal Stain for astrocytes
Weil Method for Myelin Sheath Myelin Sheath...BLUE TO BLACK background........LIGHT TAN
Weil Method staining solution (alcoholic hematoxylin, ferric ammonium sulfate) differentiate in 4% ferric ammonium sulfate until white and gray matter can be distinguished complete differentiation in sodium borate (control microscopically) ammonia water
Luxol Fast Blue Method for Myelin Sheath Myelin Sheath... BLUE TO BLUE-GREEN background........COLORLESS
Luxol Fast Blue Method hydrate to 95% alcohol luxal fast blue overnight diff in lithium carbonate cont. diff. in 70% alchol until can distinguish gray and white matter finish diff in lithium carbonate until greenish-blue of white matter contrasts with colorless gray matter
Luxol Fast Blue- Cresyl Echt Violet stains myelin sheath and nissl substances myelin...........................BLUE nissl substances........VIOLET nuclei........................VIOLET
Luxol Fast Blue- Cresyl Echt Violet overnight luxol fast blue diff in lithium carbonate then alcohol until gray and white matter can be distinguished, then litium carbonate until sharp contrast cresyl echt violet--> add acetic acid
Luxol Fast Blue- Holmes Silver Nitrate stain for Myelin Sheath and Nerve Fibers Myelin Sheath....BLUE TO GREEN axons and nerve fibers.....BLACK
Luxol Fast Blue- Holmes Silver Nitrate silver nitrate in dark impregnate overnight (boric acid, borate, pyridine, silver nitrate) reduce (hydroquinine and sodium sulfite) gold chloride, develop in oxalic acid sodium thio luxol fast blue overnight -> lithium carbonate-> diff in 70 alcohol
Luxol Fast Blue-PAS Hematoxylin stains myeline sheath, basement membrane, senile plaques, fungi, corpora amylacea, nuclei
Luxol Fast Blue-PAS Hematoxylin myelin sheath.....BLUE TO BLUE GREEN basement membrane, senile plaques, fungi, and corpora amylacea.......ROSE nuclei.......PURPLE
Holzer Method preferred method for glial fibers glial fibers....BLUE background.....COLORLESS
Holzer Method for glial fibers phosphomolybdic acid-alcohol, absolute alcohol chloroform (tissue will be translucent), crystal violet, potassium bromide--> airdry, differentiate (aniline oil, chloroform, ammonium hydroxide)
Mallory Phosphotungstic acid hematoxylin stain stain for glial fibers ratio phosphotungstic acid to hematein 20:1 glial fibers.... BLUE nuclei............BLUE neurons........SALMON myelin...........BLUE
Mallory Phosphotungstic acid hematoxylin stain mordant zenkers with acetic acid overnight, lugol iodine, decolorize in 95 alcohol, potassium permanganate, decolorize oxalic acid, stain with PTAH overnight
Holmes Silver Nitrate stains for Nerve Fibers and Neurofibrils argyrophilic -requires chemical reduction axons and nerve fibers.....BLACK Neurofibrils.......................BLACK
Holmes Silver Nitrate silver nitrate impregnate (boric acid, borax, distilled water, silver nitrate, pyridine) reduce (hydroquinone & sodium sulfate) gold chloride develop oxalic acid sodium thiosulfate, optional counterstain
Bodian Metod Stains for nerve fibers, nerve endings, and neurofibrils nerve fibers...........BLACK Nuclei....................BLACK Background...........LIGHT BLUE
Wallerian degeneration bodian method stains for this axon distal to injury disappears with myelin sheath
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