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10th Grade - Mr. Gale

Which region (color) of the visible spectrum is not absorbed well by chlorophyll? green
Where do the light-dependent reactions (light reactions) take place? within the thylakoid membranes
How does the Calvin cycle differ from the light-dependent reactions? It takes place in the stroma.
Through which plant cells does water move by capillary action? xylem cells
The movement of sugars in a plant can be explained by the pressure-flow hypothesis.
Which organisms use sunlight to make their own food? autotrophs
When a plant moves sugars from its leaves to its roots, the sink is the roots
What is the function of the endosperm? provide food for embryo
A ripened ovary that contains angiosperm seeds is called a(an) fruit
Adam visits Redwood National Park and learns that redwood trees grow to heights of more than 100 m. How do trees get water and nutrients from the soil to their tops? transpiration from the leaves pulls water upward
Lamila wants to determine the rate at which a plant use water. She fills a beaker with 80 mL of water and places a flower into the beaker. One week later, 47 mL of water remains in the beaker. What process best explains the loss of water in the beaker? transpiration
Hummingbirds transfer pollen from one flower to another while feeding. What plant structure contains the pollen? stamen
While performing an experiment using green spinach leaves, Jamie identifies chlorophyll and pigments of several other colors. What is the most accurate conclusion Jamie can make about the pigments in spinach leaves? Chlorophyll appears in higher concentrations than other pigments.
Thylakoid membranes within chloroplasts contain chlorophyll. The Calvin cycle occurs in the stroma of the chloroplasts. How are the processes occurring within the Calvin cycle and the thylakoid membrane connected? The processes in the thylakoid membrane use sugar molecules formed during the Calvin cycle to generate high-energy molecules.
What is the purpose of photosynthesis? to produce carbohydrates
Created by: tonilynne1