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Greek Part 2

Minor Gods and Goddesses

Eros The Roman cupid, shoots arrows that causes men and women to fall in love (i.e. Orpheus and Eurydice)
Pan Earth god, god of woods and fields. Satyr (half-goat). plays simple little melodies on his reed pipes as a musician. (i.e. King Midas)
Maenads Raving women of wilds behavior. Female worshippers of Dionysus who carried thyrsi (poled twined with ivy or grapevine) and dressed in animal skins (i.e. Orpheus and Eurydice)
Nymphs Beautiful young women, They guarded different parts of nature. Drynads lived in the woods and Nereids lived in the sea. (i.e. Narcissus and Echo)
Muses Daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne. Goddesses of various arts. Apollo was their leader. Lived on the heights of Mount Parnassus, Pindos and Helicon.
Nine muses Terpisichore-song and dance, Euterpe-lyric poetry, Erato-love poetry, Polyhymnia- sacred poetry, Thalia- comic drama, Calliope-epic poetry, Melpomene- tragic drama, Urania-astronomy, Clio-history
Fates Goddesses that controlled the destiny of every mortal person, man or women. Decided the length of human life.
Three Fates Clotho, Lachesis, Atropos
Clotho Spun the bright threads of youth (controlled birth)
Lachesis Wound the threads and controlled life story. Distrubuted and directed them along the course of human destiny
Atropos Eldest, somber symbol of death, cut the threads with her sharp slender shears (controlled death)
satrys Active young men who followed Dionysus. They had goats' legs, horses' tails, small pointed ears, and were woodland creatures. (i.e. King Midas)
Seilenus Dionysus's dearest friend and advisor (i.e. Kind Midas)
Hesperides Goddesses of the evening and golden light of sunset. (i.e. King Midas)
Tmolus The mountain, the mountain God that judged the musical contest between Pan and Apollo
Pactolus River Midas cleansed his body here and transferred his golden charms here. To this day, the shores wash flecks of gold to the surface.
Queen Cassiopia Said she was more beautiful than the daughters of Nereus, the Sea-God.
Ethopians Were being devoured by the sea-serpeant and the only way not to be was if Andromeda, Queen Cassiopia's daughter, was offered up to it.
Cepheus Andromeda's father
Electryon Perseus and Andromeda's son, grandfather of Hercules
aegis Zeus's shield, Medusa's head was bore on it.
Hermes's gift unbreakable sword that cuts through anything
Athena's gift bronze reflection-bearing shield
Gifts of the Nymphs of the North winged sandals, a magic wallet, cap of invisibility
"Arachne" The exquisite weaver, partook in a weaving contest with Athene, turned into a spider bc of athena's rage, arrogant twice
Actaeon Young prince who went hunting with friends/ dogs. Turned into a stag and killed by dogs.
"Artemis and Acteon" spring water, bathing, hunting,s tag
"Demeter and Persephone" Hades abducts Persephone, Zeus persuaded Hades to let her go, Hades had the condition that she had to have not eaten anything, sucked 6 pomegranate seeds, winter-6months persephone is in the underworld, summer-6months persephone is not
"Phaeton" "Chariot of the Sun" Son of Helios, tried to find father, when father asked if Phaeton wanted a gift, phaeton asked to drive his chariot, too eager, drove chariot out of control, messed up temps, zeus threw a thunderbolt to kill him, heliod drove chariot
Epimetheus foolish one who foolishly gave out most of the gifts to the animals leaving only fire for humans, had a jar of bad things, pandora
Prometheus clever one who was presented with the mortal beings' gifts by mother earth, gave humans fire
Gaia Mother Earth and created the earth and all its mountains, rivers, deserts, and oceans. She took Zeus, Rhea's son and raised him.
Uranus The heavens who made all the animals and birds that roamed the earth and flew the air.
Titans The first 12 gods and goddesses and Gaia and Uranus's children (6 sons, 6 daughters). Zeus was the new lord of Mount Olympus and his brothers and sisters were the gods and goddesses. Had a "home in the clouds".
Cronus Youngest Titan who hated his father and fought bitterly with him until he finally took over his throne. Wife was Rhea. Swallowed each of their children. Given a potion by Zeus to cough up all the kids.
Daedalus built the labyrinth, made a pair of graceful wings collecting birds feathers and binding them together using string and wax in a year's time
Icarus Daedalus's son, foolishly forgot his father's words as he flew high up, melted the wax of the wings, and dropped down and sank in the sea below
Tantalus King of Lydia who tricked the Olympians by serving his son Pelops to them for dinner. In Tartarus, he was chained to a tree, up to his neck in water he could not drink and within reach of food he could not eat.
Ixion Murdered his father in law by throwing him into a fiery pit. He also tried to seduce Hera. In Tartarus, he was chained to a revolving, fiery wheel.
Sisyphus Spied on a romantic affair of Zeus and told the river nymph's father. He was condemned to spend eternity in Tartarus pushing a huge boulder to the top of a steep hill. Just as the rock approached the summit, it rolled down again.
Fame A person who reports on all of the loves in mythology. "If ____ truly reports all passions then even Hades has felt his flames." Means that even Hades has experienced some sort of passion in his life.
Cephissus River God (i.e. Narcissus's father)
Leiriope A beautiful sea nymph (i.e. Narcissus's mother)
Teiresias A blind Theban prophet. Blinded by Hera for taking Zeus's position in an argument. Zeus compensated by giving him the power of the prophecy and an unusually long lifetime. First gained his reputation by accurately predicting the future of Narcissus.
Narcissus Word comes from Greek "narkissos", a plant which produces narcotic effects. Narcotic can also mean sleeper and numbness.
Babylon The place where Pyramus and Thisbe lived. Also known as the city of Queen Semiramis.
Ninus The tomb where Pyramus and Thisbe say each other for the first time, under a mulberry tree with white berries at that time.
Pasiphae Wife of King Minos of Crete, mother of Ariadne and mother of the Minotaur.
King Aegeus King of Athens and Theseus's father, kills himself about the black sail
Periphetes A monster that had a special weapon that Theseus used to kill him.
Sinis Tied people to trees and Theseus did that to him in return
Seiron Made people wash their feet at a tall cliff and then kicked them over to a man-eating turtle. Theseus did the same.
Procrustes Chopped off people's legs to adjust to the size of the bed.
Medea King Aegeus' new wife. Sorcerous. She tries to kill Theseus by serving him poisonous wine bc she feels that he is a threat to her own sons.
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