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Criminal Law

Chapter 3

Mary fails to report suspected child abuse. Failure to report can lead to criminal liability by omission. Which omission would satisfy the actus reus requirement specific to Mary's situation? Relationship
Crimes that do not require mens rea or criminal intent are known as Strict Liability Offenses
This is the intent to commit a wrongful act without a legitimate cause or excuse Malice
This type of intent is the intent to commit the actus reus or criminal act of the crime only General Intent
If George pushes Gary, who cannot swim, into a lake; Gary struggles and cries out for help; and George fails to assist, George can be guilty of a crime. Which omission would satisfy the actus reus requirement specific to George's situation? Creation Of Peril
This type of mens rea or criminal intent in which the defendant unconsciously creates a risk of harm and does not act like a reasonable person under the circumstances Negligence
This form of causation is the requirement that the defendant's conduct was the cause in fact of the harm Factual
A woman took an intoxicated man into her home and allowed him to use the bathroom. He emerged from the bathroom, collapsed, and was later dragged outside, where he died.Which omission would satisfy the actus reus requirement? Voluntary Assumption Of Care
This type of concurrence states that the mens rea must be linked to the actus reus it is intended to accompany Motivational Concurrence
These crimes are offenses that are not complete without actual harm Result Crime
Temporal concurrence means that the __________ must accompany the __________ in time Mens Rea ; Actus Reus
The doctrines of legality and lenity fit within the __________ part of the criminal law General
Which is not one of the basic elements of criminal liability Coincidence
Reckless driving is an example of a ___________ crime. Conduct
Causation, the requirement that the defendant is responsible for the harm, applies only to __________ crimes Result
Crimes that are complete when the criminal act and criminal intent concur are known as Conduct Crimes
The requirement that the defendant is responsible for the harm in result crimes is known as Causation
Laws that make it a crime for someone to fail to come to the aid of another who is danger are known as Bad Samaritan Laws
Another event besides the actions of the defendant that resulted in the harm after the defendant acted is known as a(n) __________ cause. Interventing
Which is not one of the three basic elements to criminal liability? Malum Prohibitum
Three forms of strict liability crimes? Statutory Rape , Selling Alcohol To Minors , and Traffic Offenses
"I know it is dangerous to drive under the influence of alcohol and drugs , but I do it anyway and cause a fatal car accident" Reckless
"I didn't know the gun was loaded and dangerous , so I let my five- year old son play with it and he fatally shot himself" Negligence
"I am practically certain that if I fire multiple gunshots into a crowded room someone will be killed" Knowledge
"I have the specific intent to kill my neighbor" Purpose
The defendant claims to misunderstand or misinterpret the law as it applies to the specific circumstances is ______ Mistake Of Law
A misunderstanding of misinterpretation by the defendant about a relevant fact. Potentially used as a defense or to negate the mens rea requirement of a crime is _____ Mistake Of Fact
Law requiring you to act or report child abuse Statue
Fail to care for two parties. Ex: Nursing Home Contract
Letting an intoxicated truck driver drive a truck even though the owner knows he's intoxicated Duty To Control Conduct Of Another
By blocking the exit of a nightclub & it catches on fire then the nightclub owner is liable for the deaths Landowner Duty
Another event besides the actions of the defendant that resulted in the harm after the defendant acted Interventing Cause
Robbing a bank & if you run someone over and they die then you are charged with murder is called _____ Felony Murder
A defendant who doesn't know there is a law applying to his or her activity Ignorance Of The Law
Created by: GlynniseNicole