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post partum

nursing management

hemorrhage complication placenta previa, labor induction, retained placental fragments, prolonged third stage of labor
uterine fundus should be midline and firm
boggy uterus sign of uterine atony
bowel movements occur 2-3 days after giving birth
scant lochia 1-2 inch lochia staine on the pad
light lochia 4 inch stain
moderate lochia 4-6 inch stain
large/heavy lochia saturated within 1 hour
heavy bleeding massage the boggy fundus until firm to reduce the flow of blood
first degree lacerations involves skin and superficial structures above muscles
second degree lacerations extends through perineal muscles
third degree laceration extends throughthe anal sphincter muscle
fourth degree laceration continues through anterior rectal wall
episiotomy while line the length of the wound is a sign of infection, swelling and discharge
pulmonary emboli 1 in 2,000 pregnancies and major cause of maternal mortality
bonding close emotional attraction to a newborn by parents within 30-60 minutes
en face position eye to eye contact mothers to newborn
attachement development of strong affection between and infant and significant other
touch instinctual interaction between parent and infant
developmental task trust vs. mistrus
eye contact, enface position, expressed pride, names infant positive attachment behaviors
expresses disappointment,appears uninterested in having infant in room,asks to have infant return to nursery negative attachment behaviors
smiles, sucks well, makes eye to eye contact, strong grasp reflex, follows parents face positive attachment behaviors infant
feeds poorly, cries for long periods, flat affect, rarely smiles, stiffens body when held, doesn't pay attention to parents face negative attachement behaviors infant
Kegel exercises emtpy bladder, tighten pelvic muscle for 10 seconds, perform 10 exercises, 3 times/day,
Created by: N122-OB