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Test Review

What does Adenosine Triphosphate stand for? ATP
ATP is comprised of how many phosphate groups? Three
What does ATP do? Stores and releases energy
How does ATP store and release energy? By breaking and reforming bonds between phosphate groups
An organism that must produce its own food is known as what? An autotroph
What is a heterotroph? An organism that must get its food from an source other than itself
What is the main type of pigment that plays a role in photosynthesis? Chlorophyll
Where in the chloroplast is chlorophyll located? Thylakoids
A plant would grow GREAT under red light. TRUE or FALSE True
The stack of grana is made up of what structures? Thylakoids
Plant cells contain what organelle that helps with photosynthesis? Chloroplast
Thylakoids are stacked together in the chloroplast. What is this stack called? Stack of grana
Carbohydrates are made of what three atoms? Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen
6CO2 + _________ WITH LIGHT = C6H12O6 + __________ 6 H2O & 6O2
______ + 6H2O WITH LIGHT = ___________ + 6O2 6CO2 & C6H12O6
The food that plants make through photosynthesis are known as what? Carbohydrates (glucose)
What molecule comes into the Light Reaction and is split? H20 (or water)
What is the first step of the Light Reaction? Sun shines onto thylakoids, water is split and oxygen is produced
What happens in the Light independent reaction? Carbon Dioxide combines with hydrogen ions to form glucose
A tree is an example of an autotroph or heterotroph? Autotroph
A mushroom is an example of an autotroph or heterotroph? Heterotroph
Are humans autotrophs or heterotrophs? Heterotrophs
A chloroplast contains a bunch of saclike, photosynthetic membranes called what? Thylakoids
What characteristic of ATP makes it a great energy source for cells? Its ability to store and release energy by breaking and re-forming bonds
One of the most important compounds that cells use to store and release energy is what? ATP
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