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study guide 1-22-15

study guide 4 computer mrs.baham

operating system software installed on the computer to help you interact with the computer.
user interface a function of the operating system: visual expirements such as icons and menus to help you interact with a computer.
provides utilities a function of the operating system: small programs that help you perform specific functions such as connecting to a network, managing resources and adding new programs to your computer.
manages hardware A function of the operating system: programs communicate with the operating to work with the required hardware such as the cpu to complete the required tasks.
secures data A function of the operating system: creates profiles with usernames and passwords so that only those users who know the username and password can acess your computer.
desktop the screen area that you see when you log on to windows
taskbar a rectangular bar that is usually located at the bottom of the screen. you can use it to select applications running on your computer.
start menu a menu used to start an application or to restart, log off or shut down the computer.
icon pictures that represent a part of the computer
shortcut a link to another part of the computer it is not the actual program
file an object on a computer that stores data, settings, or command that are used with a computer program.
folder a location on the computer that stores files, shortcuts and other folders.
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