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Anesthesia Lab

Two advantages of Glycopyrrolate over atropine Longer duration, Doesn't cross placental barrier, milder effects
List 2 drugs used to reverse Hydromorphone and how much they reverse Naloxone/Narcan-100%, Nalorphine/Nalline-90%, Butorphanol/Torbugesic- partial.
Define Hypercarbia. Too much oxygen in lungs
List one type of patient that may be at risk for hypercarbia, hypoxia or atelectasis during anesthesia. Prolonged anesthesia, obese patients, Neuromuscular blockers, preexisting lung conditions, head trauma, chest/diaphragm surgery
Define Hypoxia Low blood oxygen
Define atelectasis Lung alveoli may partially collapse
List one reason for pale MM other than anemia during anesthesia Feline leukemia, deep plane of anesthesia, blood loss, renal disease, some induction agents
List 2 possible side-effects of Hydromorphone Resp. depression, bradycardia, vomiting, panting, excessive sedation, excitement
When using an induction chamber, the concentration of Isoflurane should be between what percents? 4% and 5%
When using an induction chamber, the concentration of Oxygen should be set beween _______ Liters/Min 3-4 L/min
How can you determine when an animal is ready to be removed from the chamber while it is being anesthetized? If it is unable to stand on its own and is appearing very drowsy.
Temperature loss in the patient is greatest in the first _____ Minutes from time of induction First 20 min
Temperature should be monitored every____ minutes 5 minutes
How would hypothermia affect the amount of anesthetic needed metabolism is slowed down, thus less anesthetic is needed as heat is released and the animal becomes cooler in temperature.
Name one precaution you can take to minimize the risk of hypothermia Use a heating pad during and after procedures, as needed.
Does Vasodilation increase or decrease the body temperature? It decreases body temperature
What drug contributes to vasodilation? Acepromazine
What are PVC's Premature Ventricular contractions
What causes PVC's Hypoxia, barbiturates during anesthesia, cardiac disease, gastric torsion, heart trauma, acid-base and electrolyte disorders
What drug is given to reverse PVC's Intravenous Lidocaine
What is the reversal for Xylazine Yohimbine
Why is it important to give this drug slowly during reversal It prevents excitement by giving it slowly as it reverses anesthesia
What is the best ting to do if an anesthetized patient starts to vomit Lower the animal's head with the endotracheal tube in place
What are some adverse effects of Xylazine? vomiting/emesis, Cyanosis, temporary behavior change
What anatomical characteristics of brachycephalic dogs that impede air exchange elongated soft palette, smaller trachea, small nasal openings
What needs to happen during post-op and extubation in brachycephalic patients Careful monitoring on their ability to breathe, chew, and swallow
What does MAC stand for and what does it mean Minimum alveolar concentration-strength of an inhaled agent (lowest concentration that produces no response in 50% of patients to pain stimuli)
Is a high or low MAC more potent Low MAC is more potent anesthetic
Reversal of medetomidine atipamezole/Antisedan
What beneficial effect of medetomidine would be reversed as well? Analgesia, siezure prevention,
What body system is most significantly adversely affected by medetomidine Cardiovascular
Opioids are generally used for what effect (besides sedation) Analgesia
Where is the probe placed on a Doppler blood pressure reading coccygeal, metacarpal, or metatarsal artery
Why are oscillometric blood pressure devices less accurate on small animals? They have small veins and arteries and very fast pulse in comparison which would be harder to measure accurately
How does Butorphanol affect respiration? It decreases it at hight doses
Elimination of Ketamine depends on which organ in the dog and which organ in the cat Liver-dog Kidneys-Cat
List one part of a circle system what would not be included in a non rebreathing system. No soda lime
What is an ideal reading for MAP 70 mm/Hg and above
Which organ is particularly sensitive to drop in MAP Kidneys
Does Pentothal cause both cardiac and respiratory depression? Yes
Which reflexes are still present in stage 2 of anesthetic depth palpebral, pinnal, jaw tone, pedal, corneal, occular (ALL ARE PRESENT)
What can happen if Pentothal is given outside the vein? Tissue necrosis and Tissue sloughing
when would you need to take a dental radiograph Slab fracture, missing teeth, loose teeth, broken tooth
What are the dental film range numbers starting at the smallest 0-4
Name one reason why anesthetic problems and emergencies arise? Human error, poor monitoring of symptoms, miscalculation
How is Telazol metabolized and excreted? Metabolized in liver, excreted in kidneys
List one disadvantage of Tiletamine with respect to monitoring or patient recovery Many reflexes are still present, which is a vital way to monitor stages and planes of anesthesia
What effect does Isoflurane have on blood pressure? It lowers blood pressure
How is isoflurane excreted from the body? it's exhaled
What topical anesthetic is used when intubating cats and why Lidocaine- Helps to prevent laryngeal spasms
what is mydriasis pupil dilation
Name a drug that causes mydriasis Atropine
Where should a pulse oximeter be placed on an animal to obtain a reading and what is an ideal reading? On the tongue, anything above 95%
Rapid induction of propofol could cause what effect on the body? Tachycardia
List one advantage of a cuffed endotracheal tube Less gas leakage, controls level of anesthesia better, keeps gesses going in and out of the patient as desired with no excess O2
Pressure should not exceed what in cats and dogs with healthy lungs while bagging 20 cm of H20
Inhaled agents cause vasoconstriction or vasodilation Vasodilation
Ketamine will increase or decrease the heart rate when used as an anesthetic increase
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