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Heat+Energy Transfer

conduction convection &radiation

When air is heated the particles move further apart
State a material which lets heat pass through it easily conductor
State a material which does not let heat pass through it easily insulator
Explain conduction in terms of vibrating particles conduction involves heat energy being passed on by the vibration of particles. When the particles get hot they start to vibrate more and bump into the particles next to them.
is air a good conductor of heat no air is not a good conductor of heat because it's particles are too far apart and cannot pass on the vibration.
What are heat rays also known as Infra-red rays
Heat transfer through gases and liquids convection
Heat transfer in solids conduction
What is a good conductor of heat metal
what is a good insulator of heat wood
Heat transfer through space Radiation
what is temprature measured with thermometer
the hotter a substance is the greater heat energy it contains
which colour absorbs heat better black
is cooper a better conductor than iron yes it is a better conductor than iron
the movement of less dense warm fluid upwards which is then replaced by cooler, denser fluid from below convection current
The ratio of the mass of an object to it's volume density
the scientific name for a heat picture Thermogram
a form of energy measured in joules heat
Give examples of insulators in the home pot handles, wooden spoon etc
Give examples of conductors in the home pots and pans
Created by: Salma A