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Week 3 Study Tool

Cells and Tissues

cells smallest living organism
cell theory scientific theory describing the properties of cells
generalized cell cell that is round or spherical in shape and perform basic life functions
nucleus the control center of a cell that contains genetic material
nuclear envelope the double lipid bilayer membrane that surrounds the genetic material and nucleolus
nuclear pores large protein complexes that cross the nuclear envelope
nucleoli Dense spherical bodies in the cell nucleus
chromatin Structures in the nucleus that carry genes
chromosomes barlike bodies of tightly coiled chromatin
plasma membrane membrane, composed of three lamina layers, that encloses cell contents
hydrophilic has an affinity for water
hydrophobic having little to no affinity for water
tight junctions junctions that form the closest contact between adjacent cells
desmosomes a type of junction that attaches one cell to its neighbor
gap junction connections between cells which allow passage of small molecules and electric current
cytoplasm the cellular material surrounding the nucleus and enclosed by the plasma membrane
cytosol the liquid component of the cytoplasm surrounding the organelles
organanelles small cellular structures that perform specific metabolic functions for the cell as a whole.
inclusions a foreign substance enclosed in the mass of a mineral
mitochandria cytoplasmic organelles responsible for ATP generation for cellular activities
ribisomes cytoplasmic organelles in which proteins are synthesized
edoplasmic reticulum a network of tubular membranes within the cytoplasm of the cell
rough ER a eukaryotic organelle made up of a system of membranous tubes and sacs, that is studded with ribosomes on its surface
transports vesicles a round membranous structure that stores and transports cellular products, and digests metabolic wastes within the cell
smooth ER a part of the endoplasmic reticulum that is tubular in form and lacks ribosomes
Golgi an organelle found in most eukaryotic cells
secretory vesicles membrane bounded vesicle derived from the Golgi apparatus
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