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Resistance Training


Vocab wordDefinition
Periodization Training cycles (variation). By putting variety into program, individual hopes the ultimate goal of increased performace will be achieved with decreased risk of overtraining. Performance peaks are followed by periods of rest/recovery.
5 phases of periodization Hypertrophy. Basic Strength. Strength Power. Peaking/Maintenance. Active Rest.
Split Routines Moderate to advanced weight trainers to increase the quality of their training and improve overall results by training different muscle groups on alternate days. Upper/lower. Large/small. Push/pull.
Training to failure To increase workout intensity, have spotter assist the person to perform a few forced repetitions immediately after positive failure.
Negative training To raise intensity beyond forced repetitions, have spotter lift weight into a position where participan can lower it under control. Should be done at completion of the forced repetitions. Alos called an Ecentric rep, makes you very sore.
Speed Strength Advanced training method with explosive movements. Any movement that contains both a force (strength) and speed component.
Plyometrics (per-stretching) Prestretching the muscle tendon units followed by an isotonic contraction.
Created by: LisaSceviour