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Marine biology test

test 1-22-15

What caused ocean levels to rise and estuaries to be formed? glaciers during the ice age
Most common substrate of an estuary and why? muddy because there is not a lot of oxygen production
Why does an estuary have functioning salinity levels? water is being mixed by the tides constantly (affected by the tide)
euryhaline Species that can tolerate a wide range of salinities
stenohaline Species that can tolerate a narrow range of salinities
brackish water that is less salty than seawater but saltier than fresh water
where are salt marshes found? temperate climates
know the function of pneumatophores on the black mangroves allows for more exposure to oxygen so they can absorb more
If your surrounded by white mangrove trees are you at low, middle, or high elevation? high elevation
Why do some bacteria do really well in a mudflat? Can feed on decomposing matter where there is not a lot of oxygen
Why are there very few microscopic species living at the surface of a mudflat? Die from exposure and exposed to more predators. No place for them to cling to.
Relationship between shore birds beak and the buried depths of different organisms Different lengths of beaks keeps them from fighting for foods
Why is a channel a good place for babies to live? Predators stay away from shallow water, narrow place, more plankton for the fish
As a rule, do estuaries provide less or more than is needed to live there? Provide more than is necessary; Outwelling - excess organic matter that flows out into another ecosystem
Created by: a.allsup