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Bk 1 Vocab 24

Latin 4H/5AP

sperno, spernare to hope for, expect
temno, temnere to scorn, disdain, despise
veto, vetare to forbid, prevent
aetherius, a, um of the upper air, airy
apto, aptare to equip, make ready, furnish
certo, certare to strive, fight, contend
licet, licere to be permitted
metus, us fear, anxiety, dread
occubo, occubere to lie, lie dead
officium, i service, kindness, favor
paeniteo, paenitere to repent, be sorry
quasso, quassare to shake, shatter, toss
recipio, recipere to accept, receive, recover
stringo, stringere to graze
subduco, subducere to take away, remove
trabs, trabis beam, timber, tree
vescor, vesci to eat, feed upon
absumo, absumere to take away, consume
adveho, advehere to carry away
fremo, fremere to murmur, lament, groan, roar, rage
Created by: hflmagistra