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Bk 1 Vocab 22

Latin 4H/5AP

coepi, coepisse to begin, commence
condo, condere to found, establish, hide, bury
copia, ae abundance, plenty, forces
coram before the face, face to face, openly
freno, frenare to curb, check, restrain
infandus, a, um unspeakable, accursed
introgredior, introgredi to step in, enter
iustitia, ae justice, equality
oro, orare to beseech, pray (for)
aspicio, aspicere to look at, look upon
colo, colere to cultivate, dwell (in), cherish
glaeba, ae lump of earth, clod
minores, um descendants
parco, parcere to spare
populo, populare to devastate, plunder, ravage
potens, potentis powerful, ruling
proprior, proprius nearer, closer
superbia, ae arrogance, pride
uber, uberis udder, fertility
verto, vertere to overturn, exchange
Created by: hflmagistra