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World Geo Unit 7

A leader of the African National Congress Nelson Mandela
A West African culture known for their work in weaving kente cloth Ashanti
the leader of the Democratic Republic of the Congo after it gained independence Mobutu Sese Seko
A system that uses lineages (family line/ancestry) to govern members stateless society
A policy that calls for the complete separation of races apartheid
A disease affecting a large population over a wide geographic area pandemic
The person responsible for promoting interest in opening the African interior to European trade King Leopold II
A great empire of ancient Africa Carthage
In order to not be too dependent on a single commodity and to establish a stable economy, countries must _____ diversify
The disease that is carried by mosquitoes and has become resistant to standard drug treatment is _____ malaria
The departure of African professionals to western countries is referred to as the _____. brain drain
Copper, coffee, and cocoa are all examples of a single _____. commodity
Another way that Africa seeks to improve its economy is through regional cooperation through such groups as SADC and _____. ECOWAS
HIV tests, self-treatment kits, and education programs have been successful in stopping the spread of HIV in _____ Uganda
The infection that took the lives of 3 million people, including 2.4 million Africans, in 2000 is _____. AIDS
Unstable governments, civil wars, and poverty in Africa were direct results of _____ colonialism
Lack of a clean water supply and adequate sanitation can lead to a treatable, yet often fatal, infection known as _____ cholera
the purpose of the Berlin Conference divide Africa among European nations
the departure point for slaves from the mid-1500s to the mid-1800s Gorée Island
Why is Nelson Mandela a hero to many South Africans? led a long struggle to end apartheid
What is the significance of losing a large percentage of workers to AIDS? Losing wage earners for families makes people poorer. In addition, you lose people who have skills and valuable knowledge that will not be passed on to younger workers.
As a resource, how has oil both improved and hindered the economy in North Africa? It has improved the economy because it's a major source of revenue. But it has caused the shortage of labor to meet the demands of the oil industry. Oil companies give high-paying jobs to foreign workers, and local citizens face major unemployment.
Which African countries have been successful in preventing the spread of HIV? How have they achieved this success? Uganda and Senegal have been successful in preventing the spread of HIV. Both have implemented intensive education programs about the infection. In Uganda, same-day HIV tests and self-treatment kits have been distributed to much of the population.
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