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Quehl reading vocab.

Quehl - Sarah, Plain & Tall vocab.

banty a small sized type of chicken
bonnet a baby's or woman's hat, tied with strings under the chin
clatter to bang together noisily
conch the spiral -shaped shell of a marine animal
dune a sand hill made by the wind near the ocean or a large lake or in a desert
dusk the time of day after sunset when it is nearly dark
eerie strange and frightening
feisty lively or frisky
fetch to go after and bring back something or somebody
flax a plant with blue flowers and long leaves that produces oil and fiber
gleams shine
gully a long, narrow ravine or ditch
hearthstone stone flooring laid in front of a fireplace
hitch to join something to a vehicle
killdeer a type of bird with a black chest
mica any type of clear or colored minerals that have crystallized and can separate easily into very thin layers
paddock an enclosed field or area where horses can graze or exercise
pesky troublesome
plow(plough) to turn over soil using a piece of farm equipment pulled by an animal or a tractor
primly in a formal and proper way
pungent when something has a strong taste or smell
reins straps attached to a bridle to control or guide a horse
roamer a person or animal that wanders around with no set place to go or purpose
sly crafty, cunning, secretive
sputter to make popping, spitting, or coughing noises
squall a sudden, violent wind that usually brings rain, snow, or sleet with it
squint to nearly close one's eyes in order to see better
whicker a horse's whinny or neigh
windbreaker a shelter from the wind
wretched miserable or unfortunate (sad looking)
Created by: wildflower
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