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Heat Energy Tranfer

S1 Conduction, Convection, Radiation

The transfer of heat by direct contact between particles is called conduction
The transfer of heat into liquids and gases through currents is called convection
The transfer of heat by infrared waves is called radiation
A metal spoon gets hot in boiling water is an example of conduction
A egg on a frying pan sizzles when it cooks is an example of conduction
An ice cube in a hand begins to melt is an example of conduction
A metal cup gets hot when boiling water is poured in it conduction
When cool air sinks to the ground on a warm night is an example of convection
When air is warmer near the ceiling than the floor is an example of convection
When toes are warmer in front of a space heater is an example of radiation
When the sun melts a icy lawn is an example of radiation
Is the sun the source of all of our energy yes
What are the three types of heat transfers conduction,convection and radiation
Radiation is the transfer of heat by infrared waves
Conduction transfers heat by direct contact
Convection transfers heat in liquids and gases by creating a.... Convection current
Conduction is the direct transfer of heat energy when molecules... vibrate and bump into each other
As cold air becomes more dense it pushes up warmer air creating a...... Convection current
What is Heat? A type of Energy
What is temperature? A measure of how much heat energy a substance has
What is an Insulator A substance that does not allow heat energy to pass through it easily
What is a Conductor A substance that DOES allow heat energy to pass through it easily
What group of substances are good conductors Metals
What happens to the DENSITY of liquids or gases when they are heated? Density decreases
Do LESS dense substances rise or fall in their surroundings? Rise
Name an every day use of an insulator in the kitchen Pot handles, wooden spoon etc
Name an everyday use of conductors in the kitchen Metal pots etc
What colour in best to ALLOW heat energy to pass through it by radiation? Black
What colour is best to PREVENT heat energy passing through it by radiation? Silver
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