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Where are rainforests located? The Amazon, Central American band near the equator, Pacific Northwest - Washington State, South East Asia, Chile, and African Congo
Which of the following products come from the Rainforest? black pepper, chili powder, cactus, cocoa, vanilla, and prickly pears black pepper, chili powder, vanilla, and cocoa
How many inches of rainfall can a rainforest receive annually? 100 inches per year
What is the avearge temperature in a tropical rainforest? 70-90 degrees farenheit
Which of the following animals live in the tropical rainforest? birds of paradise, black bears, poison dart frog, elk, lemurs Birds of Paradise, poison dart frogs, and lemurs
Which of the following trees live in the Temperate Rainforest? yellow orchids, brazil nut, douglas fir, and hemlocks Douglas firs and Hemlocks
Where is 60% of all Rainforests found? The Amazon
How much rain can a Temperate Rainforest receive annually? 150 inches per year
Created by: terrym1